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The Official Master's Degree in Environmental Law aims to provide students with both basic and specific information, with particular attention on the various sectoral branches and supplemented with a variety of non-legal subjects related to technical, geographic, economic and business aspects of the environment.

The Official Master's Degree in Environmental Law of the Faculty of Legal Sciences aims to provide students with fundamental and specific knowledge in Environmental Law and its various specialisations. This knowledge is supplemented with a variety of non-legal subjects in the area of business administration and other technical, geographical and economic aspects of the environment.

Society's concern for the deterioration of the ecosystem has been reflected in the legal field by the continual implementation of legal techniques: administrative authorisation systems, evaluations of environmental impact, ecological auditing of companies, ecological labelling systems, administrative and criminal sanctions and civil liability in the area of the environment. Study of these techniques forms part of our Official Master's Degree in Environmental Law.

Our current curriculum design puts special emphasis on practice in order that our students can quickly get accustomed to applying their knowledge to authentic situations. The strong multidisciplinary component trains students to become professional lawyers specialised in cases of Environmental Law or planners of environmental strategies in public administrations and private companies.


Curricular programmes:

Students can choose to do one of two different Master's Degree schedules: professional or research.

The professional profile is designed for environmental management in businesses, the design and management of environmental policies in the framework of the public administration and the professional practice of a lawyer who specialises in environmental cases. The objective of this schedule is to provide students with the legal tools and extra-legal knowledge so that they can manage professional conflicts in several areas.

The research profile of the Master's Degree aims to prepare future researchers in this scientific tradition. They will be responsible for ensuring that the discipline can respond to new challenges, both from the strictly scientific point of view in the general context of the legal sciences and from the political and social point of view.