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A master's degree without frontiers. A reference of internationalization within the URV

The URV's Internationalization Strategic Plan aims to attract students from foreign countries. Indeed, in the context of ever increasing collaborations in academia the world over, universities need to position themselves internationally, particularly in relation to postgraduate studies, which provide more specialized professionals and are the starting point for career researchers. Therefore, improving internationalization is one of the URV's objectives, particularly in postgraduate courses.

In this context, the Master in Environmental Law has become a benchmark program for the URV because of the internationalization of its students. Indeed, since its implementation in 2006, this master is attracting an increasing number of students from such countries as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, México, Peru, El Salvador and Paraguay. There are also students from European countries like Italy and Andorra.

In fact, internationalisation at the level of the master's degree programme is beginning to provide results in the field of research, as master's graduates are being taken on as grant students by the Department of Public Law and the CEDAT, and international doctorate students are registering for their doctoral theses. In this regard, the Master's Degree clearly has an impact on the international visibility of research and transfer in the field of environmental law.

The URV's Master's Degree in Environmental Law, then, has consolidated its international reputation and is still working in an attempt to become one of the leading international programmes for the training of professionals and researchers in the field of environmental law.

Then you can check exitents institutional relationships with other organizations around the world who show interest in our studies internationally:
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