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Training highly specialized and qualified professionals

The internships can take place during the academic year or in the summer and in institutions external to the URV. They are organized by tutors from the Master and by the recipient institutions.

This curricular activity allows the students to gain professional experience in jobs related to environmental law. It helps them to develop skills and competencies, and to improve their learning in contact with the authorities, consultants, environmental organizations and other institutions that collaborate with this Master’s in Environmental Law.

Both subjects aim to train professionals in the management of environmental problems bt providing them with a deep knowledge of the legal framework involved. The internships take place in both the public and private sector. Students will be involved in the environmental management of a company, the management of environmental policies in the field of public administration, or the activity of NGOs and the legal profession.

The well-established reputation of the internship providers ensures the quality of the internships. This prepares our students for the challenges of  environmental protection. It also covers the expectations of employers to train future professionals in this field.

The Official Master’s Degree in Environmental Law of the URV has the support of the following prestigious entities:

Public bodies and public companies

Environmental ONGs:

Law firms:

Advisory companies:

Funding for internships abroad