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Pre-enrollment and tuition fee


The on-line pre-enrolment for 2016-2017 academic course is now open and closes on 20 June.

If some of the places are not taken, there will be a second pre-enrolment period between 1 and 19 September 2016. Check the acces and registration calendar.

Before beginning the pre-enrolment, bear in mind the following:

  • During the pre-enrolment process, you will have to provide personal information. Make sure you have this information available before you start.
  • To pre-enrol you must pay a non-returnable fee of €30. This fee must be paid with a debit or credit card. Your pre-enrolment is only valid once you have paid this fee.
  • Once you have done your pre-enrolment on line, you must send your documents in pdf format to the secretary's office of the corresponding faculty or school or, if you are an international student, to the Postgraduate and Doctoral School. Remember that your application cannot be assessed without the necessary documentation so it is very important that you prepare it all before you begin the process.

Do your pre-enrolment now!

To check the enrollment status:


Documentation requirements:

Enrolment on a master's degree at the URV is an online process. Before you begin the process in the section Automatrícula on our website you must do the following:

Present the original documents at the corresponding secretary's office or the Postgraduate and Doctoral School (international students), either in person or by post.

You have to present a certified copy of all the documents: that is to say, a copy that has been compared with the original document and which bears a stamp confirming that it is the same as the original. If you do not have a copy of this sort, you should show the original document and give a copy. After confirming that they are the same, the secretary's office or the Postgraduate and Doctoral School will return the original document to you and will keep a stamped copy so that they can continue with the enrolment process. 

Do not forget that academic documents issued outside Spain require a specific process of legalization and translation. Do not hesitate to ask before you send us the documents.

Speak to the coordinator of your master's programme to find out which subjects you have to register for and whether you need to do any bridging courses.

Calculate the price of your enrolment and prepare the payment details:

If you are in a special situation, you should take the necessary steps so that the computer system will take it into account when you do your on-line enrolment:

  • If you wish to study part time, you must request to do so and wait for your request to be answered before beginning the on-line enrolment process.
  • If you have the right for some of your fees to be waived, present the supporting documentation before beginning the online enrolment.
On-line enrolment

Read about the steps you have to take to do the On-line enrolment.

If you have any doubts about the process, consult the video tutorials.

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