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Academic tutorship

The welcome ceremony

This event is an informal welcome ceremony for the new Environmental Law students, specially designed for students from abroad. It takes place at the beginning of the first-year course and all the lecturers and students on this Master’s Degree are invited.

Coordination meetings

Approximately, there will be a session coordination each semester in the Classroom Coordinator General Moodle for Students Curriculum 2014, the students of Curriculum 2010 in person at one seminar, except that students or coordination deem appropriate to convene other meetings besides las planned. Schedule coordination meetings will be communicated promptly to the beginning of the Academic year.

Calendar of Coordination meetings and academic tutorship

Academic tutorship

The aim of the academic tutorship is to inform, guide and/or advise the Master’s students. These meetings are individual and can deal with all aspects of the activities organized by CEDAT as well as all those aspects considered to be necessary for the academic or professional training of the students.

The list of lecturers and tutors is published on the website and the bulletin board reserved for the students of the Master’s, located in seminar room 1 of the Department of Public Law at the Rovira i Virgili University.

To arrange a tutorship with academic coordination, please contact:

Dr. Susana Borràs 
Coordinator of the Master in Environmental Law.
Environmental Law Studies.
Rovira i Virgili University.
Av. Catalunya, 35 
43002 Tarragona 
Tel. + 34 977-558309 
Fax. + 34 977-256592 
email: coordmuda(ELIMINAR)@urv.cat

Lecturers’ availability

Durante el curso académico el profesorado del Master podrá atender las consultas del alumnado en relación a las asignaturas que imparte cada profesor/a en el Master. En aquellas asignatura donde el profesorado es externo a la Universidad, las consultas serán atendidas por el/la correspondiente coordinador/a de la asignatura en cuestión.

El horario de atención del profesorado se publica en este sitio y en el tablón de anuncios reservado al alumnado del Master situado en el Seminario 1 del Departamento de Derecho Público de la Universitat Rovira i Virgili.

During the academic year, lecturers may respond to student inquiries about the subjects taught. In those subjects where the lecturer is external to the University, all inquiries will be handled by the corresponding coordinator.

The timetable of all lecturers is posted on the website and the bulletin board reserved for the students of the Master’s located in seminar room 1 of the Department of Public Law at the Rovira i Virgili University.

Download Lecturers’ availability in PDF

Tutorship Action Plan (TAP)

The need to respond to some of the challenges faced by the students, especially those from abroad, prompted the development of this Master’s in Environmental Law.

The aim of the plan is to give students more personal, individual attention. The assistance students are given at the different stages of the programme and the job opportunities they have once it is over are all indicators of the quality and competitiveness of the Catalan universities. Also, the high number of students from other countries who wish to pursue our Master’s requires additional guidance and support. The TAP applied to this Master’s programme is an innovative challenge for the Faculty of Law, since it is the first time that such an experience has been undertaken at the URV.

This is another challenge to the Master’s Degree programme, the product of the European Higher Education Area and European Research Area.  This new context demands the adoption of minimum standards so that students can be guaranteed to be in command of their own education process.

The tutor and the coordinated action of the TAP are key components in this system of support to the students. In fact, this coordinated tutorship reinforces the educational process, and enables lecturers to advise, guide and support each student.