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Associació d'alumnes i exalumnes de Dret Ambiental de Tarragona

On 27 October 2009 the "Asociación de  Alumnos y Exalumnos de Derecho Ambiental de Tarragona" (AAEDAT) (the Association of Students and Former Students of Environmental Law in Tarragona) was created on the initiative of the students and former students of the Master's Degree in Environmental Law. This is a non-profit association with legal personality, made up of students and former students of this master's degree.

The AAEDAT's mission is to strengthen the integration of students and former students. According to its statute, its objectives are:

  1. To respond to common interests in order to advance scientific knowledge of environmental law and apply it for the benefit of the community.
  2. To create and maintain relationships and professional exchange networks with specialists in the field of environmental law trained at the URV.
  3. To contribute to the objectives of the CEDAT.
  4. To collaborate with other university groups and create spaces for discussion and reflection.
  5. To develop mechanisms to increase feedback with society through social organizations, and cultural, political or economic entities.
  6. To organize activities and other services for its members.


In particular, the AAEDAT will promote activities such as the following:


The members of AAEDAT's board are:


The AAEDAT's statute was passed by the Assembly on 27 October and modified on 19 March.


Currently, the association is registered at the Departamento de justicia de la Generalitat, (the Justice Department of the Catalan Government) and it has a provisional NIF.



Blog: http://aaedat.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aaedat.urv