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Mobility enriches our students’ educational process and makes it easier for them to find work. Those students who are interested in mobility programs can consult the following sources:

Mobility in official university master’s degrees for the academic year 2010/2011. Method B. MEC

These grants are designed for students enrolled in the academic year 2010/2011 in an official master’s degree of a Spanish university. They aim to help students finance a change of residence because of Master’s activities taking place in a different province or country of the EU.
This funding can only be awarded to students on official master’s degrees.

You can find more information at

Erasmus scholarships

Erasmus is a higher education programme within the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union.

You can find more information at:

MOU program

The MOU program consists of a study period at a foreign higher education institution outside the EHEA with which the URV has an agreement.

For more information:


Chinese Government Scholarship

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of China awards annual scholarships for university students or graduates to do an undergraduate degree, a master's degree, a PhD or further research.
For further information, consult the Educational Affairs section on the website of the Embassy of China in Spain.

DAAD Scholarship

The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) announces scholarships for study and research in Germany. Look for the different types of scholarships on the DAAD’s website. You can also find information at the Information Center of Barcelona:

C / Manso 24-28, 3rd (Goethe-Institute Building)
Tel. / Fax: 93 424 40 10

MAEC-AECI for Spanish

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and the Spanish Agency for International Development convened the "MAEC-AECI".

The scholarships are designed for postgraduate studies, doctoral courses, study visits, research in Spain and abroad, depending on the scholarship programmes that are specified when the scholarships are announced.

There are several scholarship programs and each has its objectives, conditions and particular demands. Please consult the MAEC-AECI website for details.

Fulbright scholarships in the U.S.

The Fulbright Program provides scholarships for study, research or teaching in the U.S. (for Spanish citizens) or Spain (for U.S. citizens).

For information about the open calls, see the program’s website.

Catalunya Món Grants

With the aim of training experts in matters relating to international relations, the Patronat Catalunya Món has established a program to fund international studies. The grant provides financial support for graduate study at centres in any country outside the Spanish State.

For further information, consult the website of Patronat Catalunya Món.

RESEARCH Fellowship outside Catalonia (BE-DGR 2010) - Type A

This fellowship is a pre-doctoral grant for short research visits at universities or research organizations outside Catalonia. The visits have to be related to the research phase of a doctoral thesis and must be carried out before the dissertation is deposited.

Applications for seminars, courses or conferences are excluded.

For more information, consult the website of the Agency for Gestió d'Ajuts Universitaris i de Recerca (AGAUR).

European programme Comenius. Comenius Assistants

Comenius Assistants is a decentralized project that is part of the Comenius sectoral programme, under the Lifelong Learning Programme. It aims to give future teachers of any subject the opportunity to better understand the European dimension of teaching and learning. It also improves their knowledge of foreign languages, puts them in touch with other European countries and their educational systems, and develops their teaching skills.

For further information, consult the website: http://www.oapee.es/oapee/inicio/pap/comenius/ayudantes-comenius.html

DRAC Programme

The DRAC programme promotes the mobility of the entire university community of the Vives Network, giving support for:


DRAC - Summer: funds for attending courses or activities listed in the Summer School Guide, published annually by the XVU. This action is designed for students from universities of the Vives Network who are studying their undergraduate degrees, diplomas, engineering or architecture. They need to have completed more than 45 ECTS. These grants are also available to master’s and doctoral students.

DRAC - Winter: funds for the mobility of students to attend courses, seminars or other activities of the Vives Network or its member universities, which are not provided for by DRAC-summer and lasting less than 15 days. These funds are available to students from the universities of the Vives Network who are studying for their undergraduate degrees, diplomas engineering or architecture and who have completed more than 60 credits.

DRAC - Advanced Training: funds for the mobility of doctoral and master’s students in connection with official activities organized by the Vives Network, and for courses, seminars and research visits at other universities in the same network.

To learn more, consult the website: http://www.urv.cat/mobility/pdi/drac_pdi.html

Mobility Programme between institutions associated with AUIP

The Ibero-American University Postgraduate Association convenes this scholarship program to promote and facilitate international academic mobility between the partner institutions.

To learn more, consult the website:http://www.urv.cat/mobility/pdi/mobilitat_auip.html

Fulbright-Schuman for European Union citizens

This programme promotes study, research or teaching at a United States university, or vocational training in a specialized centre on topics of interest to the European Union and for the European Union-United States relationships.

To learn more, consult the website: https://www.fulbright.es/book/view/116

Internships abroad:

Other grants