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CEDAT's internships, vacancies and research stays


The CEDAT has a small internship programme. It is specifically designed for students on programmes related to environmental protection or those who have already completed their studies. It is preferably for specialists in environmental law.

The purpose of the internship is to provide you with professional experience to complement your studies. It will give you the chance to work in an interdisciplinary research environment, in accordance with the modern trends of this legal sector.

CEDAT offers 1-6 month-internships not only to students of various degrees but also to researchers and government employees. The functions they will have to carry out while at the CEDAT will be assigned according to their training or education.

The internships are unpaid.



Requirements and procedure:

Research visits

The CEDAT offers research visits for people from all over the world, who are interested in issues relating to the protection of the environment.

These visits are particularly suitable for pre- and post-doctoral students, and members of research centers, institutes and projects that focus on environmental protection. During the visit you will have access to our extensive specialized library in environmental law and you will be able to contact CEDAT's specialists.

For this internship, CEDAT provides you with an appropriate workplace and access to all the academic facilities of the institution (for example, our specialized library and Internet). You may also be able to publish some of your work in the Catalan Journal of Environmental Law.

Accommodation and living expenses must be covered by the applicant.

Requirements and procedure:


Fulbright scholarships

The CEDAT's proposal to receive an American professor was approved by the Commission for Cultural, Educational and Scientific Exchange between Spain and the United States of America (Fulbright Commission).

Every year, the Fulbright Commission competitively selects the centers that will receive a professor. The professors must undergo a competitive selection procedure to ensure that they match the profile required by the host institution.