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About us

The Faculty of Legal Sciences of the Rovira i Virgili University has promoted teaching and research in environmental law since its foundation in 1992.

The Center for the Study of the Environmental Law of Tarragona (CEDAT) created in 2009 is a research center of the URV that carries out specialized training activities in environmental law, research activities, services to administrations and companies and support activities for citizen platforms and non-governmental organizations that defend the environment.

The approach of the CEDAT is based on the commitment for the environment and to adopt an environmental justice perspective that takes into account the rights of present and future generations.

CEDAT has gradually become a reference for environmental law academics in Catalonia, Spain and the whole world. In 2009, it hosted the Spanish Congress on Environmental Law; In 2014, it was the venue for the 12th edition of the annual Colloquium of the IUCN Environmental Law Academy, which brought together researchers and academics from many countries in all regions of the world. And in 2018 it has been the headquarters of the First Catalan Congress on Environmental Law. This has been possible thanks to a continuous effort and a desire for improvement that continue to be present among the people who work there every day and with the support of numerous other people and institutions.

The experience and baggage acquired over the years are made available to society through the educational task, welcoming every year new students of the master's degree in environmental law; of the research task, opening new paths in knowledge in the field of environmental law, and the transfer task, providing solutions to practical problems that the social environment needs to solve.

In the CEDAT yes works the Chair of Studies of Environmental Law of Tarragona Alcalde Pere Lloret. In 2007, the first Chair on Environmental Law was created, a project that involved the Tarragona City Council, the Municipal Mixed Water Company of Tarragona (EMATSA), the Municipal Transport Company of Tarragona (EMT) and the Rovira i Virgili University (URV). In 2010, the Municipal Housing and Actuation Urban Services SA (SMHAUSA) was added. He responded to a long history of collaboration between the City Council of Tarragona and the Faculty of Legal Sciences and the Department of Public Law of the Rovira i Virgili University in the field of environmental law and represented the institutionalization of this cooperation. This stage lasted six years, until 2012. In 2017, a new Collaboration Agreement between the URV and the City Council of Barcelona launched the new Chair of Studies of Environmental Law of Tarragona Alcalde Pere Lloret. It is named after Pere Lloret, an insigne jurist and mayor of Tarragona who was, in order to recognize his defense of democratic principles and human values ​​in the government of the city of Tarragona. The objectives of the Chair are the generation and the socialization of knowledge in the field of environmental law and, in particular, in the world of local management and administration.

Dr. Antoni Pigrau

Professor of Public International Law and International Relations
Director of CEDAT