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Research Group

One of the main research areas of the URV research group Territory, Citizenship and Sustainability is Environmental Law. This research group gives legal advice to public and private institutions on, for example, the design and implementation of environmental policies or the establishment of an environmental legal framework for the development of economic activities.

The group's tasks also include the preparation of reports for public and private organizations, the preparation of regulations projects, the organization of forums and think tanks for professionals and agents, and the provision of continuous training programmes and refresher courses for professionals involved in environmental management.

Environmental Law is an emerging, dynamic sector with increasing importance in many of society's activities. It responds to the problems caused by the exploitation of natural resources by combining the economic opportunities arising from using these resources with the conservation or construction of an environment that guarantees a certain quality of life for all members of society.

The nature of the URV's sphere of reference makes these problems especially relevant in our area. The Environmental Law research group aims, from a multidisciplinary perspective, to respond to the demand for suitable legal instruments to manage our environment and provide technical solutions to the multiple problems posed by the complexity of the regulations in this field.